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City: , FL
District: Okeechobee
School Enrollment: 455

Students with disabilities: 17.1%
Stability: 94.3%
School grade: N
Dropout rate: 3.0%
High School graduation rate: 0.0%

Average class size in language arts classes: 18.0
Average class size in math classes: 18.6
Average class size in science classes: 25.2
Average class size in social studies classes: 23.5

Teachers with master's degree: 16.0%
Teacher experience average: 11.9

Total staff: 46
Prc. of staff in administration: 4.3%
Prc. of staff in instruction: 58.7%
Prc. of staff in support: 37.0%


Expenditures per exceptional pupil: $6,857
Expenditures per regular pupil: $4,022
Expenditures per at risk pupil: $4,652
Expenditures per vocational pupil: $4,073
Total operating expenditure: $4,551
Limited English Proficient students: 4.2%
Students absent 21+ days: 15.8%
In-school suspensions: 15.2%
Out-of-school suspensions: 20.6%

9th grade FCAT math results
   9th grade FCAT math number tested: 425
   Students scoring at level 1: 17
   Students scoring at level 2: 23
   Students scoring at level 3: 33
   Students scoring at level 4: 23
   Students scoring at level 5: 4
   Median national percentile rank: 69

9th grade FCAT reading results
   9th grade FCAT reading number tested: 432
   Students scoring at level 1: 42
   Students scoring at level 2: 31
   Students scoring at level 3: 15
   Students scoring at level 4: 8
   Students scoring at level 5: 3
   Median national percentile rank: 45
   Median national percentile rank: 0
   Median national percentile rank: 0

Incidents of Crime and Violence:
   Violent Acts Against Persons: 1
   Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs: 12
   Property: 11
   Fighting and Harassment: 22
   Weapons Possession: 1
   Other Nonviolent Incidents and Disorderly Conduct: 5
Total: 52


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