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City: ANNA, IL
School type: ELEMENTARY
Grades: K 1 2
Schools in district: 3
District: ANNA C C SCH DIST 37
School Enrollment: 204
White students: 98.5%
Black students: 0.0%
Hispanic students: 1.5%
Asian students: 0.0%
Native American students: 0.0%

Low income: 68.1%
Parental involvement: 100.0%
Attendance rate: 94.2%
Mobility rate: 49.0%
Chronic truants: 0
Chronic truants rate: 0.0%

Average class size KG: 16.5
Average class size 1st grade: 16.3

Total number of teachers in district: 46
Teachers with bachelor's degree: 48.1%
Teachers with master's degree: 51.9%
Classes not taught by highly qualifed teachers: 0.0%
Male teachers: 15.1%
Female teachers: 84.9%
Teacher experience average: 17.4
Teacher/student ratio: 16.7

Statistics about LINCOLN ELEM SCHOOL in ANNA, IL

Average teacher salary: $46,954
Average administration staff salary: $80,573
Dollars spent per student: $6,218
Operating expenditure for instruction: $2,770,370
Operating expenditure for supporting services: $1,447,796
Operating expenditure for administration: $184,484
Operating expenditure for other campus costs: $836,438
Limited English Proficient students: 0.0%


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