Dickson Intrmd Sch - Pittsburgh, PN


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City: Pittsburgh, PN
7301 Schoyer Ave
Not Available
District: Woodland Hills SD
Phone: (412)731-5816
Fax: (412)731-5818
Length of school day: 7.5
Number of instructional days: 180
School Enrollment: 514

Low income: 57.0%
Attendance rate: 93.86%
Attendance rate for male students: 93.28%
Attendance rate for female students: 94.03%
Attendance rate for Asian students: 95.41%
Attendance rate for black students: 93.06%
Attendance rate for Hispanic students: 95.97%
Attendance rate for economically disadvantaged students: 92.72%
Number of students entering this school: 39
Number of students who withdrew from this school: 63

Number of classes with 1 to 20 students: 0
Number of classes with 21 to 23 students: 2
Number of classes with 24 to 26 students: 6
Number of classes with 27 to 29 students: 10
Number of classes with 30 or more students: 1

Total number of teachers: 30
Full-time teachers: 28
Part-time teachers: 1
Teachers in this district with less than bachelor's degree: 0
Teachers in this district with Bachelor's degree: 220
Teachers in this district with Master's degree: 135
Teachers in this district with Doctor's degree: 4
Teachers in district with less than 1 year of experience: 9
Teachers in district with 2-5 years of experience: 101
Teachers in district with 6-10 years of experience: 57
Teachers in district with 11-15 years of experience: 24
Teachers in district with 16-20 years of experience: 2
Teachers in district with 21-25 years of experience: 33
Teachers in district with 26-30 years of experience: 70
Teachers in district with 30-35 years of experience: 60
Teachers in district with over 35 years of experience: 3
Total number of teachers in this district: 359

Administration staff: 1
Other full-time service coordinators: 2
Other part-time service coordinators: 0
High quality teachers percentage: 96.3%
Councelors: 1
Librarians: 1
Other staff: 0

4th grade enrollment : 166
5th grade enrollment : 176
6th grade enrollment : 172
Statistics about Dickson Intrmd Sch in Pittsburgh, PN

Average teacher salary: $52974
Teacher salary range: $30855 - $67892
Average administration staff salary: $76023
Administration staff salary range: $57809 - $115000
Suspensions: 85
Explusions: 0
Law-enforcement incidents: 36
Library titles: 12476
Library titles checked out during school year: 1859
Computers: 135
CD-ROM titles: 30

Grade 5 PSS (Pennsylvania System of School Assessment) math results
   Percentage of pariticipating in math tests: 100.0%
   Percentage of students at Advanced math level: 23.1%
   Percentage of students at Proficient math level: 15.6%
   Percentage of students at Basic math level: 21.9%
   Percentage of students at Below Basic math level: 39.4%
   Scaled math score: 1260

Grade 5 PSS (Pennsylvania System of School Assessment) reading results
   Percentage of pariticipating in reading tests: 100.0%
   Percentage of students at Advanced reading level: 15.6%
   Percentage of students at Proficient reading level: 30.6%
   Percentage of students at Basic reading level: 18.1%
   Percentage of students at Below Basic reading level: 35.6%
   Scaled reading score: 1250


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