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City: , FL
District: Broward
School Enrollment: 144
White students: 47.9%
Black students: 21.5%
Hispanic students: 24.3%
Asian students: 4.2%
Native American students: .7%
Multi-racial/other students: 1.4%
Female students: 66.7%
Male students: 33.3%

Stability: 96.5%
Dropout rate: 0.0%
High School graduation rate: 100.0%

Average class size in math classes: 22.8

Teachers with master's degree: 83.4%
Teacher experience average: 11.6

Total staff: 10
Prc. of staff in administration: 10.0%
Prc. of staff in instruction: 70.0%
Prc. of staff in support: 20.0%

Statistics about COLLEGE ACADEMY AT BCC in , FL

Expenditures per exceptional pupil: $0
Expenditures per regular pupil: $6,582
Expenditures per at risk pupil: $0
Expenditures per vocational pupil: $0
Total operating expenditure: $6,582
Limited English Proficient students: 0.0%
Students absent 21+ days: 2.6%
In-school suspensions: 0.0%
Out-of-school suspensions: 0.0%

   Median national percentile rank: 0
   Median national percentile rank: 0
   Median national percentile rank: 0
   Median national percentile rank: 0

Incidents of Crime and Violence:
   Violent Acts Against Persons: 0
   Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs: 0
   Property: 0
   Fighting and Harassment: 0
   Weapons Possession: 0
   Other Nonviolent Incidents and Disorderly Conduct: 1
Total: 1


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